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International Services


The decision to become public is one of the most important decisions a company will make in its lifetime. For many businesses, becoming a publicly traded company is the ultimate goal and an affirmation of success.

1. Going Public

Provide a broad network of experts to navigate the roadmap in going public including exchange selection process. It is imperative to understand each venue’s offerings and models to make an appropriate decision for your listing. We offer an insiders viewpoint for this process.

2. Listing Process

GMAG can help companies reduce the uncertainty of the listing process. Our experts will be the principal contact with the exchanges to assist companies with application preparation and submission process. Our roster includes former NYSE executives familiar with the process.

3. Maintaining Listing

Exchange rules can be complex and overwhelming for companies. Maintaining a listing, demands frequent attention to ensure companies meet their  on-going listing requirements.

4. Unlock Value of Being Listed

GMAG will help companies understand the hidden value of services offered by exchanges and assist companies in using listing to create branding and marketing opportunities.

5. Understand How “it” Happened

GMAG professionals are all former practitioners who understand market structure and can help your firm answer questions with respect to the activity in your stock. We understand the current structure of the market and can offer guidance on how trades happen and how they affect your listing.


In order to remain competitive in an ever changing landscape, firms must maintain an edge by deploying a world class technology, operations and infrastructure platform.

1. Implementation of Technology Infrastructure

GMAG will help exchanges design and implement software for specific purposes.
We will also design test plans for software implementations and review current designs for compliance with policies and rules. We have both former exchange executives and technology professionals on staff.

2. Architecture of Systems and Analysis of Connectivity

GMAG’s experts will review current hardware and connectivity infrastructure for resiliency, reliability and speed performance. We will also test system architecture for scalability and prepare recommendations for improvements to cost and performance.

3. Development of Cross-Border Linkages

Cross border financial linkages have intensified over time and have become more complex. GMAG will assess your current capabilities and provide recommendations to strengthen instabilities and avoid systematic risk.

4. Design and Implementation of Strategies for Data Centers

A member of GMAG’s team was instrumental in the design and implementation of the NYSE data center and will provide strategy concepts for implementation services and Information Technology infrastructure solutions.


Emerging and frontier markets are eager to upgrade their financial infrastructures to attract direct foreign investment and to be attractive to local industries as a source of liquidity. To assist in this process GMAG will:

1. Assistance in Development of Infrastructure to Help Attract Direct Foreign Investment

GMAG will assist in implementing recognizable global standards for listing, trade execution, clearance and settlement and licensing of market participants. Our firm can assist firms and exchanges pursue policies which will help to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), expand their economies, and accelerate job creation.

2. Review and Advice for Self-Regulatory Framework for Exchanges

GMAG will assist in the development of a non-governmental organization that has the power to create and enforce industry regulations and standards. The priority is to protect investors through the establishment of rules that promote ethics and equality.

3. Consult and Review Structure of Market Oversight Governing Body

4. Design and Implementation of Customized Procedures and Training Programs for Market Participants         

GMAG professionals have designed and implemented programs for the training and credentialing of market participants for years. Allow us to create a custom solution for your educational and testing environments.

Operations and Clearing

GMAG’s experts have extensive experience in cross-border securities and payment systems, with comprehensive knowledge in the U.S. and International post-trade securities sector.

1. Clearing and Settlement Planning

GMAG will provide technical assistance and review payment and securities settlement risks. In addition, GMAG will also review the various options for efficiently clearing and settling trades for your organization.

2. Consultation on Cross Border Settlement Linkages

GMAG can provide assistance in the cross listing of exchange traded funds and other cross-listings through the international settlement/custody process. We have former Clearing House executives on staff who are familiar with the issues associated with setting up these arrangements.

3. Creation and Implementation of Cyber-Security Information Security Plans

GMAG will assist your firm in the creation and implementation of Cyber-Security Information security plans including the development of Access Policies, Mobile Communications Policies, Vendor DDQs, Incident Response Plans and other related policies and procedures.

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